Fly to Mexico Like a Monarch Butterfly!
Google Maps Satellite View

Where is the monarch’s winter home in Mexico? What does the habitat look like along the migration trail? You can see for yourself using the satellite images found on GoogleMaps. Go to GoogleMaps. Put the following locations in the search engine, and select “satellite” view. Zoom-in for a close-up view of the landscape. Then zoom-out for a global perspective.
Find These Locations:

  • Angangueo, Mexico—Find this mountain town in Mexico. This is the region where the monarchs are headed! Angangueo is at its center of the monarch sanctuary region.
  • Your hometown—Take a close-up look at your own home or school, then zoom-out and fly like a butterfly all the way to Angangueo, Mexico.
  • Geographic features along the migration trail—Watch for prairies, mountains, water crossings, deserts, and oceans that may affect the monarchs as they travel.
  • Your favorite highlights of this fall's migration—As you track the migration with us this fall, take a satellite view of your favorite highlights. Bookmark Google Maps and plan to visit again.

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