Monarch Migration Updates for Sanctuary Area Schools
Noticias de la migracion de la mariposa monarca para las escuelas de la region de los santuarios

Mexican students monitor the monarchs' arrival each fall.

Escuela Cerro Prieto
These students' families own critical land in the Sierra Chincua sanctuary

Escuela Los Trojos
Students sharing excitement

This spring, as the butterflies fly over your homes, schools and cities, we're sending the news back to the students in Mexico so they can track the migration too. Journey North sends a FAX to the town of Angangueo. Our coordinator there, German Medina, distributes the news to 15 schools in the surrounding mountains. In each classroom there's a migration map where students can track the monarch's journey all the way to Canada.
Try practicing your spanish - read both the English and Spanish versions.

Noticias de la migracion de la mariposa monarca



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