Story of a Life's Journey

Sample of Student Work

If a monarch butterfly could talk, just think of the stories it could tell! Imagine a butterfly whose life began 8 months ago in the north, and write its life story:
  • Describe all the places this imaginary monarch has been, the different habitats and biomes it has traveled through, the seasonal changes it has experienced, and the many changes its body has undergone.
  • Imagine all this butterfly has had to do to stay alive! What challenges has it had? Any narrow escapes? Where did it find food, water and shelter?
  • Imagine the different people this butterfly might have seen and the languages it overheard. Maybe it's even looked down on people you know, who live in different states, provinces or countries! In what ways are people working to help the monarch butterfly?
  • What will happen next, now that its journey is over? How will the story continue, even though the butterfly's life is coming to an end?

Please share your stories with Journey North! We'd love to know what you and your imaginary butterfly have learned during this school year.

Use this activity to assess what students have learned during your entire Monarch study. Documentation tool: the Monarch Life Story assessment scale. Also see other ideas for using Projects, Products, Performances for assessment.

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