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Life in the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary Region of Mexico
Children and Families Share Their Stories

Reading Activities

Meet the children and families who share their mountain homes with the monarchs every winter! These stories portray the personal side of monarch conservation as seen through the eyes of the people who live in the region. Much of the responsibility for monarch conservation falls on their shoulders. Most of the stories, slideshows and booklets are provided in English and Spanish.
 Video Clips  

Greetings from Mexico!
Learn Spanish Words With Noemiand her Dad

Domestic Uses of Wood in the Sanctuary Region

Two Loads of Wood per Week


Video Visit to the Molino

  Slideshows and Booklets
Warm pajamas at night in Angangueo
  Other Readings



National Science Education Standards

  • Resources are things we get from living and nonliving environment to meet the needs and wants of a population.
  • Some resources are basic materials, such as air, water, and soil; some are produced from basic resources, such as food, fuel, and building materials; and some resources are nonmaterial, such as quiet places, beauty, security, and safety.
  • The supply of many resources is limited. If used, resources can be extended through recycling and decreased use.

National Geography Standards

  • The physical and human characteristics of places.
  • How human actions modify the physical environment.
  • The changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution, and importance of resources.

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