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Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle
and Life Cycle Circle Book

The monarch life cycle has four stages:







Try This! Make a Life Cycle Circle Book

  • Follow the folding instructions below to make a 4-page book.
  • Use one page of your book for each stage of the monarch's life cycle:
    • On Page 1 (the front cover) draw a monarch egg.
    • On Page 2 draw a larva.
    • On Page 3 draw a chrysalis.
    • On Page 4 (the back cover) draw an adult.
  • On each page, write a fact or a sentence about each stage of the monarch butterfly life cycle.
  • Because it is a circular book, the book will end with an adult but begin again with an egg when you flip the book.

Folding Instructions:

1. Use an 8.5 X 11 inch piece of paper.

2. Fold it in half to make a 4 page booklet as shown to the right. booklet.

3. Use one page for each stage of the life cycle, as labeled.

Life Cycle Circle Book

Extension: An 8-page Accordion Book >>
The monarch larva goes through 5 stages (called "instars") as it grows. Add more pages to your book by illustrating these growth stages.

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