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Fall Monarch Butterfly Migration Journal
Fall | Winter | Spring

As you embark on your journey with the monarchs, inspire students to think and act like scientists as they follow fall migration. Page by page, the journal is a workplace where students explore ever-changing events, record compelling questions, formulate hypotheses, document discoveries, and chronicle each step of their learning journey.

Journal Cover
Fall 2015
Week-by-Week Journal Pages
Fall 2015 Monarch Updates includes journal page specific to the week's news highlights.

How far monarchs migrate to Mexico?

Compare fall migration maps

Monarch Butterfly Journal

Monarch Butterfly Journal

How Far to Mexico?
August 20
Compare Fall Maps
August 27
Stopover Sites
September 3
Tagging Study
September 10

Monarch Butterfly Journal

Monarch Butterfly Migration: Citizen Science Monarch Butterfly Journal Page:Energy Costs of Flight Monarch Butterfly Migration Journal
Wind and Migration
September 17
Telling the Story
September 24
Energy Costs of Flight
October 1
Describe and Wonder
October 8
Monarch Butterfly Migration Journal Monarch Butterfly Migration Journal Monarch Butterfly Migration Journal Monarch Butterfly Migration Journal
Mexican States
October 15
Crossing Mexico
October 22
Arrival and Traditions
October 29
Explore Wintering Region
November 5
Monarch Butterfly Migration Journal    
The Oyamel Habitat
November 12
Summarizing Migration
Fall 2015
Journal Pages from Previous Seasons

Citizen Scientists' Reports

Monarch Migration Updates

Exploring the
Image of the Week


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