How Are These Monarchs Avoiding Predators?

Mrs. Anderson's Grade 6th grade class in Plymouth, MN inspected the photos carefully. They did a splendid job considering how the forest protects monarchs from predators. Here's what they said:

  • #1: We think it helps them by making it harder to catch them when they are
    up in the trees. The mice can't get them as easily.
  • #2: They also camouflage in the trees. They look like leaves.
  • #3: Also, it is like a school of fish. It is harder to focus on one monarch and catch that one because of the others.
  • Also: The trees keep the monarchs drier and warmer. The monarchs are warmer
    when they cluster. Then they won't fall to the forest floor from the
    cold. Predators can get them more easily on the floor.
Dr. Lincoln Brower, Sweet Briar College 
#1 #2 #3
 Monarchs climb any plant they can find to stay off the forest floor. Notice how well monarch wings match the oyamel forest. >> Safety in numbers:
Too many for one to eat