The Climate of the Monarch Sanctaries in Mexico
What Do Two Pictures Tell You?

Look closely at the pictures below. Notice exactly when they were taken. What do you know about the climate of the monarch's winter habitat from these pictures? Write your answer in your science journal. Tell the clues you see, then explain how you think this climate might affect the monarchs. After thinking this through by yourself, find out what other students think:

January 10 at 4 pm January 11 at 9 am

Student Jennifer Wiley, and her professor Dr. Linda Fink, are shown here at the monarch butterfly sanctuary called "Sierra Chincua." The scientists are part of Dr. Lincoln Brower’s research expedition from Sweet Briar College.

(Click the pictures for a larger view.)

Photos Copyright Dr. Lincoln Brower and Dr. Linda Fink, Sweet Briar College

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