Where Do Monarchs Get Water in the Winter?
Backyard Observation Reveals a Clue

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National Science Education Standards

Physical Science

  • Materials can exist in different states?solid, liquid, and gas. Some common materials, such as water, can be changed from one state to another by heating or cooling. (K-4)

Life Science

  • Organisms have basic needs. Organisms can survive only in environments in which their needs can be met. The world has many different environments, and distinct ones support the life of different types of organisms. (K-4)
  • The behavior of individual organisms is influenced by internal cues (such as hunger) and by external cues (such as a change in the environment). (K-4)
  • An organism's behavior patterns are related to the nature of that organism's environment. (K-4)

Earth Science

  • Objects in the sky have patterns of movement. (K-4)


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