From How Far Away Can You See a Monarch?
Pictures From a Pilot

It's hard to tell how high monarchs are flying as they travel overhead. People often say they are flying "as high as the eye can see."

At what altitude do monarchs disappear from view?

The pictures below were taken by a pilot. He recorded the altitude of the plane when he took each picture.

  • How could these pictures help you figure out how far away you can see a monarch?

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11,000 feet
Above Northern Illinois
8,000 feet
New York City
8,000 feet
Statue of Liberty
6,000 feet
Downtown Chicago
6,000 feet
Chicago's Soldier Field
Home of the Bears!
5,280 feet
Chicago's Wrigley Field
Home of the Cubs!

Could you see a monarch when it's 11,000 feet away?

How about 500 feet?

2,000 feet
New York's Shea Stadium
Home of the Mets!
500 feet
Shea Stadium