Monarch Butterfly Migration

Please print this checklist and take it with you in the field. Take notes on the following topics. When you report your monarch sightings to Journey North, please include as much of this information as possible in the "Comments" section of your Field Data Form.

Date of Sighting  
Time of Day  
Wind Direction  
Wind Speed  
Sunny or Cloudy?  
Recent & forecasted weather
(Briefly describe weather systems in region.)
Sex of butterfly  
Condition of Wings
(Tattered? Faded? Brightly colored?)
Can you distinguish between a monarch and viceroy butterfly?
Let us know that you are certain you did not see a viceroy.
Activity of Monarch
(If flying, note direction. If nectaring, note type of flower.)
Local flowers blooming at the time?
(Include flowering trees, such as apple & cherry blossoms.)
Height of milkweed? (Species, if known.)  
Milkweed inspected for eggs & larvae?
Present or absent? (Also report sightings of monarch eggs to Journey North!)
Quantify your sightings
How many monarchs have you seen at one time? Per hour? Per day? etc.
How frequently & regularly have you been watching for monarchs?  
Other Comments  

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