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Observing Fall Migration
Oklahoma Students Take a Daily Count

The 2nd and 3rd grade students observe monarchs each day from 2:15-2:35. "We keep a tally count of the monarchs we see in 20 minutes."

Here is a summary of fall sightings reported by the students:
Fall, 1998 Migration Sightings in Edmond, OK
09/11/98 We finally saw 1 monarch.
09/27/98 A total of 70 monarchs seen over the last week.
10/06/98 71 monarchs seen in 20 minutes.
10/07/98 87.15 monarchs seen in 20 minutes.
10/08/98 123.4 monarchs seen in 20 minutes.
10/09/98 26.6 monarchs seen in 20 minutes.
10/09/98 A total of 1,344 over the last week.

Sample Field Notes
A monarch enjoying the garden the students provided at Russell Dougherty Elementary.

10/06/98 Edmond, OK (35.39 N, -97.28 W)
"Today we decided to create a science experiment to see if the monarchs were really coming. Our hypothesis is that the monarchs are migrating through Edmond, Oklahoma beginning today, Oct. 6th, 1998.

Today our second and third grade classes spotted 71 monarchs on our playground in 20 minutes. Each day we will observe at 2:15-2:35 and keep a tally count of the monarchs observed in 20 minutes. We were excited when we saw each and every one. One of our second graders said 'the butterflies looked like millions--uncountable!!!' "

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