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Discovery Tale: Two Clues Led the Scientists to the Monarchs
Read monarch expert Dr. Bill Calvert's story about finding the monarch's overwintering region. Then write about and discuss these questions:
  • What were the two geographic clues that led Dr. Calvert and Dr. Brower directly to the monarch wintering region?
  • Why didn't Dr. Urquhart want to tell the exact location of the monarch wintering region?
  • The National Geographic article contained a piece of inaccurate information about the location of the monarch wintering sites. What was it?
  • Do you think the magazine should have revealed the location of the sites? Why or why not? Explain how you would have handled their concern.
  • What new things did you learn about the discovery of the monarch overwintering region from Dr. Calvert's story?
  • Why does Dr. Calvert say the monarchs seek out the high mountain habitat?


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