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Monarch Conservation in Mexico
It's About the Forest

The monarch's story is one of nature's greatest survival stories. Monarchs defy our imagination as they migrate to Mexico, find their winter home by instinct, form colonies by the millions, and survive all winter while eating little or nothing at all. Yet, above all, competition with people over use of the forest is the greatest challenge to the monarch's survival in Mexico. Simply put:

Monarchs need the forest
Scientists know that monarchs survive the winter in Mexico only because the climate of the forest matches the butterflies' needs exactly.

People are also using the forest
Over 90,000 people live in the monarch butterfly sanctuary region. People take wood from the forest in legal and illegal ways.

There are no easy answers!
People and butterflies are competing for the same resources. Finding ways to balance these needs presents a challenge to the local, national and world communities.


Copyright Dr. Lincoln Brower, Sweet Briar College

Look at Land Use
Look for ways that butterflies and people are using the forest.

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