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Why Should We Care About Monarchs?
Dr. Brower Needs Your Help

Meet Dr. Brower
The world authority on monarch butterflies

“Do you think students could help me?” Dr. Brower asked one day. He went on to explain why he needs help from persuasive writers:

“I have been studying many different aspects of the monarch butterfly for over 50 years. I often give public lectures about its migration, its defenses against bird predators and its overwintering behavior. Afterwards, people in the audience often ask two questions: (1) Why is the monarch important; and (2) Why should we care about it?

"Of course I think that the monarch is an absolutely marvelous creature, but that does not satisfy them!! I would really appreciate hearing views on this from children, teachers, parents, or other adults. I know your words will help me convey the importance monarch butterflies have in our world.”

What do YOU think? Please send us your ideas and we’ll forward them to Dr. Brower.

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