A Bird Hatches and a Butterfly Ecloses
What’s the Difference?


A Bird Hatches A Monarch Ecloses

Most people know that a bird hatches from its egg. When a monarch comes out of its chrysalis the process is called “eclosing.”

Compare these video clips of a monarch eclosing and a whooping crane hatching. Next, think about the similarities and differences between hatching and eclosing. Then write in your science journal.

Journaling Questions
  • Describe the process of eclosing in as much detail as you can. Then describe the process of hatching.
  • What similarities did you find between a chick hatching and a butterfly eclosing?
  • What differences did you find?
  • What adaptations does each animal have to help it hatch/eclose?
  • Consider the life cycle of an insect and a bird, and then make additional comparisons. (What happened before the hatching/eclosing process? What will happen next?)
  • How is each animal vulnerable as an egg or crysalis? How is each protected?

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