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Introducing Dr. Lincoln Brower

Dr. Lincoln Brower describes himself as “a student and admirer of the monarch.” He probably knows more about monarch butterflies than anyone else in the world!

Dr. Brower has studied monarchs for over 50 years! He has written so many scientific papers about monarchs that it takes 15 pages just to list their titles. Dr. Brower was studying monarchs even before the over-wintering colonies in Mexico were known to science. He conducted the early research there and he continues to do research in Mexico today.

“I just never get sick of them!” he once said. Clearly, fascination with monarchs has captivated Dr. Brower's interest for a lifetime.

Go to Dr. Brower’s website at Sweet Briar College. Read the brief overview of his current research. (This overview is called the “abstract.”) Try to answer these questions about Dr. Brower's research:

1) What are Dr. Brower's research question(s)?
2) What methods will he use to answer these questions?
3) Why does he say this work is so important?

More About Dr. Brower

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