Teaching Suggestions
What Makes Seasons?

Slideshow Overview

Begin exploring "What makes seasons?" by examining a set of images that show month-by-month changes in sunlight as the tilted Earth revolves around the Sun. Use the slideshow and activities to assess background knowledge and spark questions for research.

Essential Question:
What makes seasons?

What Makes Day and Night?

Instructional Activities

1. Observe, Wonder, and Predict
Have students imagine they are looking down at the Earth from space as you view the animation or click through the slideshow. Encourage them to describe the changes they see from month to month.

2. Explore Patterns of Change
Use guiding questions to help students examine specific patterns of change as you click through the images that reveal month-by-month changes. Challenge them to compare and describe the monthly changes in sunlight at different locations:

Your home town
Northern Hemisphere
Southern Hemisphere
he Equator

Divide the class into groups and give each group a set of word cards. As they examine the images again, have them use the words to write questions and fact statements.

3. Extend Learning with Helpful Resources
Provide time to explore additional resources to build understanding:



Earth's Yearly Cycle

Guiding Questions
Guiding Questions

Word Cards
Word Cards