What Time Is It?

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* What Time Is It?

Optional Handouts
* Observing Change

* Observing Sunlight (One Day/One Year)

Extra Teacher Background
* Reasons for Seasons

Observing Change

Overview: Students observe slideshows of the Earth from space. They notice patterns in how sunlight hits the Earth over the course of a day and a year — and try to make sense of the changes they see.

Teaching Ideas

  • The first time students run through either slide show, (One Day or One Year), have them click through fairly quickly to create an animation. Ask, What patterns did you notice? What questions do you have?
  • Next, have them click through more slowly. Pass out copies of the Observing Change handout and have them record their observations and ideas.
  • As a class, discuss students' observations, explanations, and questions related to the changes they observed. Explain that, throughout their Journey North adventures, they'll have an opportunity to discover some of the "whys" behind what they see. (The teacher versions of the question handouts, below, can help you guide the class discussion.)

Digging Deeper
Consider running through one of the slideshows again. This time, help students make sense of what they're seeing. You can ask the class questions on the following handouts. (The teacher versions include answers.) If you have older students, pass out copies of the student versions and have them work on their own.

Optional Handouts
Observing Sunlight (One Day/OneYear)

Observing Sunlight:
One Day

Observing Sunlight: One Year