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Resources to Explore

Getting Started

Introductory Activities
Mystery Class starts in early February. Build excitement and background knowledge:

Earth's Daily Cycle
Explore reasons for day and night, and how time of day reveals clues about the longitude of a location.

Earth's Seasonal Cycle
Explore reasons for seasons, and how photoperiod reveals clues about the latitude of a location.

Latitude and Longitude


Additional Resources

Sunlight and the Seasons: Map of Day Length around the Globe
Report Photoperiod

Season simulator

Season Simulator

Wonder Ring'

Wonder Rings

Trade books: Sunlight and Seasonal Change


Trade books: Sunlight and Seasonal Change

Latitude Shoes

Longitude Rap

Rappin' video on LongitudeWho Digs That Prime Meridian?


Los Angeles Greenwich

World Clocks

Background Lessons for Journey North

Core Resources


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