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Overview: The Annual Cycle of the Ruby-throated Hummingbird
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September: Action Everywhere
By late August and early September, the southward migration peaks. By mid-September, the Rubythroats at feeders are migrating through from farther north, and are not the same individuals seen in the summer. Adults are still arriving down at the Gulf Coast, while others are crossing the Gulf. However, breeding activity may still be happening in Southern Ontario, where eggs may be laid from May 25 to September 2, or in southern states where hummingbirds nest again after babies fledge. The only Rubythroats still in the northern half of their breeding range are young ones. They must build up fat and flight muscles. These birds have no migration history. They do not migrate with a parent. They just follow their urge to put on a lot of weight, leave when they are fat enough, fly in a southerly direction for a certain amount of time, and find a good place to spend winter.

Rubythroated Hummingbirds at feeder

Image: Harlen Aschen