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About Lanny Chambers

Who is Lanny Chambers?
Lanny has life-long experience with hummingbirds and knows them well. He is one of only about 100 people in the United States with a license to band hummingbirds.

Lanny is the creator of "" one of the web's most popular hummingbird sites. Since 1996, he has tracked ruby-throated hummingbird migration by collecting sightings from observers. The range and migration maps published in the Peterson Hummingbird Guide (by Sheri Williamson) are based largely on data from

Sharing Data with Journey North
Lanny generously forwards hummingbird sightings reported to his website so that Journey North's ruby-throated hummingbird migration map will be more complete. We only include sightings that Lanny has vetted using his data-review process.

Data-review Process
Lanny personally reviews all observations submitted to his website before they appear on his migration maps. He plots the sightings manually, and only includes those he believes are reliable. When a sighting is questionable, he contacts the observer for more information. If he is satisfied with the response, he addes the sighting to the map. If not, the sighting is discarded. Even though this review process is thorough, there is always the possibility that some sightings could be erroneous because photo documentation is not required.

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