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Teaching Suggestions
Reflecting on Migration News Updates

Read the weekly migration news updates as a class. Have students revisit the information in small groups to collect their thoughts:

1. Choose a specific excerpt from the news — a sentence or paragraph that will spark inspire questions and thoughtful discussion.

2. Share thoughts about the news. Record thoughts about the selected news excerpts: discoveries, opinions, questions, predictions, and connections.

3. Ask questions to facilitate discussion:

  • Which part of the news surprised you?
  • What information can we use to make predictions about what might happen next?
  • Which sentences or paragraphs made you think about new questions?

4. Use sentence starters to inspire reflection:

  • I discovered . . .
  • I think . . .
  • I noticed . . .
  • I predict that . . .
  • This sentence reminded me of a time when I . . .

5. Share reflections in small groups and as a class.

6. Build a booklet throughout the season by adding completed pages to migration journals. Assess students' emerging understandings over time.

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