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Teaching Suggestions
Reflecting on Observation Reports

Use this journal page to collect and reflect on observation reports submitted by citizen scientists. Here are some core questions:

  • What scientific data can be collected from the report? How can you tell facts from opinions?
  • What further information would be helpful?
  • What questions would you ask the observer?

1. Collect specific sightings in weekly robin migration news updates or in the sightings database. You may also explore the three migration maps for sightings information: click on the "i" icon before you click on the colored dots.

2. Use the journal page to record details and thoughts about the sighting:

  • Record the date, location, and global address.
  • Mark the location of the sighting on the map.
  • Collect relevant information and data.
  • Write discoveries, questions, predictions, personal connections, and opinions.

3. Share reflections in small groups and as a class.

4. Build a booklet throughout the season by adding completed pages to migration journals. Assess students' emerging understandings over time.

Journal Page