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When Will Our Hummingbird Habitat be Ready
Guiding Questions

Use reflective questions to help students explore the chain of sun-driven events that must occur before hummingbirds return to their breeding habitat.

hummer with flower


  • How do events unfold from winter to spring?

  • How do these events affect hummingbirds?

  • What are hummingbirds' basic needs?

  • When will hummingbirds arrive in our backyard?

  • How would you describe a habitat that is ready for spring hummingbirds?

  • If you were a hummingbird, what would your ideal habitat be?

  • How does a habitat help hummingbirds survive?

  • Where do hummingbirds find food? Water? Shelter?

  • How do changes in daylength help us predict when our hummingbirds will return?

  • What seasonal changes need to happen in our neighborhood before hummingbirds can get what they need?

  • What drives these seasonal changes?