Countdown! Hummer Eggs to Fledglings
Photos courtesy of
Dorothy Edgington.

Minus 4: Sitting Tight

Minus 3: Baby Cradle

Minus 2: Building For The Future


Minus 1: Tree For Two

Day 1: Happy Birthday


Day 2A: Nestmates

Day 2B: Peachfuzz

Day 3A: The Eyes Have It

Day 3B: "Mom Is That You?"

Day 3C: Seeing Red?

Day 4: Not Very Big!


Day 5: Snuggling


Day 6: Wrinkled Skin

Day 7: Pinfeathers

Day 8: Beak To Beak

Day 9: Little By Little

Day 10A: Wake Up!

Day 10B: Call Me Beaky



Day 11: Still Growing?


Day 12A: Green But Not With Envy

Day 12B: No Squabbling Here

Day 13A: Tight Fit

Day 13B: We're Changing

Day 13C: Might As Well Sleep

Day 14: Changing Positions




 Day 15: Dream A Little Dream


Day 16: Turnabout

Day 17: Growing Up

Day 18: Growing Out Of Their House

Day 19: On The Edge

Day 20A: Moving Out

Day 21: Bye-Bye Baby!



Day 22: Empty Nest