Where Will They Arrive, and When?
Making Predictions

Where in the United States will hummingbirds arrive first? Next? When will they reach you? Here are two ways you can record your predictions this spring:

Option 1: Use a Map

  • Each week, print a blank map and date it.
  • Draw a line to show how far the migration has moved.
  • On the back, use words to explain what you see.
  • Then predict and draw a new line: Where will the hummingbirds be next week?
  • Save your map. Compare your predictions with next week's Journey North map.

Option 2: Use a Chart

  • List the first 5 states where you predict the hummingbirds will arrive.
  • Each week, record where they did arrive. (You can find this on the "maps" and "sightings" links on the hummingbird home page and on our 2010 Predictions and Results charts for ruby-throated and rufous hummingbirds.)
  • Next, predict where they'll head next!
  • Think: Why do you think the migration will travel in the direction you predicted?