Habitat and the Seasons
When Will Our Hummingbird Habitat be Ready?

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National Science Education Standards
  • Employ simple equipment/tools to gather data and extend senses.
  • Use data to conduct a reasonable explanation.
  • Develop descriptions, explanations, predictions, and models using evidence. (5-8)

Life Science

  • Organisms have basic needs. They can survive only in environments in which their needs can be met.
  • All animals depend on plants. Some animals eat plants for food. Others eat animals that eat plants.
  • For ecosystems, the major source of energy is sunlight. Energy entering ecosystems as sunlight is transferred by producers into chemical energy through photosynthesis. That energy then passes from organism to organism in food webs. (5-8)

Earth and Space Science

  • The sun provides light and heat necessary to maintain the temperature of the earth.
  • Weather changes from day to day and over the seasons.
  • The sun is the major source of energy for phenomena on the earth's surface, such as growth of plants, winds, ocean currents, and the water cycle. (5-8)