An Old Friend Returns

In 2001, a young male Rufous Hummingbird turned up in John Owen's yard and was banded by Nancy Newfield. The tiny visitor remained for the winter and then disappeared. John nicknamed the little mite "Orange Julius." In August, 2002, when an adult male Rufous Hummingbird turned up in the same yard, John hoped very much that it would prove to be Orange Julius. Looking at it carefully with binoculars, John could see that it was a banded bird. Could it really be Orange Julius?

When Nancy Newfield trapped and examined it, she saw by the band number that this really was Orange Julius. He had survived two migrations and a breeding season and was back!

Orange Julius: An Old Friend Returns
A hummingbird flies into the trap.
Click! Nancy presses the remote control and the door snaps shut. The Rufous Hummingbird is trapped.
Nancy reaches in through the special sleeve door and captures the hummingbird.
She moves the feathers away and turns the leg band so she can see the numbers.
She reads the band numbers. It's Orange Julius!
A Rufous Hummingbird's tail is very different from a Ruby-throats!
Getting Orange Julius's weight.
Last checkup and then off he goes!

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