Recording Data

Scientists learn things, and share what they learn with other scientists, by recording their data. Every single time that Nancy Newfield handles a hummingbird, she fills out a data sheet about it.

Recording Data
Nancy Newfield records data after capturing a male Rufous Hummingbird that already had a band on his leg.
This is the form Nancy fills out whenever she captures a hummingbird that was already banded. The form she fills out for unbanded hummingbirds is white, but most of the information she records is the same.

Look carefully at the data sheet. To read a band number, Nancy must use her magnifier. Where it says Capture, how the bird was captured, the letters NTO stand for Net, Trap, or Other. Sometimes an unusual hummingbird is noticed by a feeder watcher a few days before Nancy bands it, and remains for days, weeks, or months afterwards. That is what the "Date Detected" and "Date Departed" mean. Can you figure out what the other items on this form mean?


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