What Have They Learned?
Hummingbird Migration Assessment Tools

Throughout Journey North's hummingbird season, your students make predictions, interpret maps, read and discuss slideshows, respond to journal and map questions, and dig into lessons and handouts. These offer you a rich window into their thinking and abilities.

As you review students' products and your notes during the migration and at its end, use the following assessment tools to document what they've gained. Also consider having students use these to assess their own progress.

Hummingbird Assessment Rubrics and Checklists
  • Making Predictions Using Data (Reading Maps) >>
    (This is a good tool to use as you review the map question handouts students complete with each update).

  • Hummingbird Life Story: Key Concepts >>

  • Understanding of Hummingbird Adaptations >>

  • Hummingbird Habitat and the Seasons: Key Concepts >>
Student Projects and Products

Consider using a student project or presentation to wrap up the Hummingbird Migration unit. We encourage you to co-develop or share a list of reasonable expectations for each project so students know what targets they’re shooting for. Here are some examples:

  • Ads or Travel Brochures - Challenge students to create an ad or brochure to entice more hummingbirds to join the spring migration. Students must “sell” the trip by describing the route, highlights of the trip, food resources, and what awaits them in their northern breeding grounds. Another example: have small groups create print or video ads to persuade people to plant hummingbird habitats.

  • Specific Performance Task - Challenge students to a task (real or contrived) that requires them to apply what they’ve learned. Here's an example:

    TASK: The parks department wants to show visitors how to protect migrating hummingbirds by creating habitat "pockets." Your assignment is to design and create a map for a hummingbird garden. It must be drawn to scale, list at least 10 plant types and colors, and depict other features that meet hummers' basic needs.

  • Displays That “Tell a Story” - Have small groups apply what they’ve learned and create bulletin board panels or a collage depicting changes that happened during the spring season (for example see: Follow Spring's Journey North >).

  • Student Portfolios (Click for details.) >>

More Journey North Assessment Help and Tools >>