Sample Note-taking Chart
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  Place/Location About the Observation Post
1 Magdalena Bay, Baja California, Mexico

gray whale nursery
southernmost nursery
fewest whales, fewest births

2 Laguna San Ignacio, Baja California, Mexico

gray whale nursery
females arrive mid-January
up to 2,000 whales!

3 Laguna Ojo de Liebre, Baja California Sur, Mexico

gray whale nursery
over half of all whale births

4 Laguna Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Mexico

gray whale nursery
fewer whales come here
big saltworks industry

5 San Diego, California, United States

whales close to shore
whale-watching boat tours

6 Los Angeles, California, United States

scientific survey site
most whales pass California

7 Goleta, California, United States

scientific survey site
more than 80 volunteers
nicknamed "Counter Point"
whales go along coast

8 Point Piedras Blancas, California, United States

scientific survey site
count mothers and calves
study connection between ice/calf production

9 Monterey Bay, California, United States

entire population within miles
mothers/calves April to May
Monterey Submarine Canyon
size of Grand Canyon

10 Half Moon Bay, California, United States

whale watching trips
beginning March in full-swing
big wave surf area

11 Gualala, California, United States

Mendocino and Sonoma Coast
whales migrating close to shore
whalewatching from Anchor Bay

12 Depoe Bay, Oregon, United States

mothers calves resting coves
whales stop to feed
whales almost year round

13 Seattle, Washington, United States

early April 20% coast Washington
report sightings in April and May

14 Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

first sightings early April
main whales killer whales

15 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

first whales early February
3 weeks after Post #6
March to May big months

16 Kodiak Island, Alaska, United States

first adult males March.
Mother/calf mid May to July.
Whale Fest celebrates return

17 Nelson Lagoon, Alaska, United States

some whales spend summer
580 miles from Anchorage
community Alaska Natives

18 Unimak Pass, Alaska, United States

most Unimak Pass June
few weeks to feeding
news rare

19 The Bering Sea

swim where ice melted
people watch ice maps
no reports

20 The Chukchi Sea

arrive June or July
Bering and Chukchi Seas
baleen, no teeth
eat a ton of food a day