About Observation Post #16
Kodiak Island, Alaska, United States
(57.43N, -153.34W)

It's big news when the first returning single adults and juveniles are sighted here in mid- to-late March. Mother/calf pairs normally show up in mid May and keep coming into July. People on this scenic island in the Gulf of Alaska are lucky to have nearly all of the Eastern Pacific Gray Whale population pass by on the journey north. Some grays stay around Kodiak until it's time to migrate south again! The town of Kodiak holds a Whale Fest to celebrate the excitement of the whales' return each spring. Some say the best spot to watch whales is at Narrow Cape, about 40 miles from town across a winding, frost-heaved road. Reports come to Journey North from Kodiak students, the Whale Fest sighting log, and researchers Dr. Kate Wynne and Dr. Bree Witteveen, who fly over the sea in survey airplanes.

Dr. Kate Wynne, scientist, shows Kodiak 4th graders a piece of gray whale baleen.

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