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About Observation Post #12
Depoe Bay, Oregon, United States

(44.80N, -124.06W)

A Scientific Survey Site
In spring, the peak northbound migration of adults and juveniles is in March. Here the whales are closer to shore (1/2 to 3 miles), sometimes stopping to feed. Mothers and calves usually pass Oregon and Washington from late April through June, after the males and juvenile females without babies. They often rest in protected coves close to shore. Whales feeding close to shore can be seen from July to mid November. About 400 gray whales stop here and become "residents." Instead of continuing to Alaska to feed in the summer, they stay and feed along the coasts of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. In November and December they join the first whales migrating south from the Arctic. The Oregon Parks & Recreation Department's Whale Watching Center counts passing whales during peak week in December (southbound) and peak week in March (northbound) and Journey North reports the news.

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