About Observation Post #8
Point Piedras Blancas, California, United States

(35.66N, -121.28W)

A Scientific Survey Site
Gray whale mothers with their new calves pass this area from late March to late May. Biologist Wayne Perryman of the National Marine Fisheries Service waits with a team. Their job is to count the mothers and calves passing Point Piedras Blancas on the calves' first journey north. Just north of San Simeon, and just south of the Big Sur coast, this site is ideal: The cow/calf pairs pass very close (within 200 meters), and they often stop to nurse and rest here. Mr. Perryman has collected data every year since 1994. The data help scientists study the link between climate change in the Arctic (where gray whales feed in summer) and the number of whale calves born each year. See aerial image of survey site.

Photo: Wayne Perryman

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