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About Observation Post #7
Goleta, California, United States

"Counter Point"
(34.40N, -119.69W)

A Scientific Survey Site
Northbound gray whales pass here from February through May. Observation This is the survey site called "Gray Whales Count," an independent nonprofit corporation for research and education. "Counter Point" is a good nickname because more than 80 volunteers help survey and count the northbound whales here.
Here they see whales that use use the migration corridor in the nearshore of the Santa Barbara Channel. These whales choose to go along the coast (which is the long way, but with some advantages). See map of survey site. Which Channel Island is closest to Coal Oil Point, also called "Counter Point"?
Photo: Michael H. Smith

This image shows the heart-shaped blow of the gray whale.

The heart-shaped blow of a gray whale!

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