What Do You Wonder About Gray Whales?

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Mother gray whale and her calf in Laguna Ojo de Liebre (Mexico)
© Chelsea Jones
This gray whale is skim feeding on krill.
© Daniel Bianchetta
Gray whale baby's face.
© Orca Network
Tourists touch a baby gray whale in the lagoon waters.
© Caroline Armon

© Michael H. Smith

© Jim Dorsey
Gray whale skin shows tooth rake from orca attack.
© Adrienne Deliso
Gray whale braching
© Debbie Kinsora
Skeleton of a gray whale on display at Laguna Ojo Liebre Visitor Center.
© Jane Duden
Baby whale and mom in Laguna San Ignacio
© Adrienne Deliso
Baby gray whale, 3 weeks old
© Adrienne Deliso
Baby gray whale rests on Mom's back in nursery lagoon.
© Keith Jones
Gray whale pectoral fin shows above the water.
© Keith Jones
Gray whale's tail shows a healed wound, perhaps a shark bite.
©Bree Witteveen
Baby whale's blowholes
© Caroline Armon