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Nelson Lagoon Students Show Their Gifts From Students in Mexico
February, 2002

(Click photos to enlarge)

Mrs. Concilus and students by bulletin board about Mexico

gwhale_nlgmex1 gwhale_nlgmex11


Gifts from new friends at Amado Nervo School in Guerrero Negro

Letters in Spanish

More gifts from students in Guerrero Negro

gwhale_nlgmex3 gwhale_nlgmex4 gwhale_nlgmex12

Salt crystals from Laguna Ojo de Liebre near Guerrero Negro, Mex.

Is it REALLY salt?

Looking at letters from Mexico

gwhale_nlgmex2 gwhale_nlgmex6 gwhale_nlgmex8

Salt and poster from Baja

Mr. Concilus and students with gifts from Amado Nervo students

Gift bags with Mexican candy, shells, salt crystals and postcards

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