Field Notes 2013
Magdalena Bay, Baja California, Mexico


Keith Jones, whale-watch tour leader, reports:

Feb. 12: A group of 11 windblown whale watchers had a great day of whale watching at Puerto Lopez Mateos. A baby gray whale took great joy in swimming around the boat and alongside our boat so that we could pet him for more than an hour.

The weather has been windy and cool, but it certainly hasn't had any effect on the whale migration. This looks to be a year where a lot of whales are inside each of the three nursery lagoons.

February 11: I was in Magdalena Bay near Puerto Lopez Mateos and I counted about 35 to 40 adult whales in the area where we were watching whales. Almost all of those adult whales had a baby whale with them.

February 10: In the area near Puerto San Carlos (in Magdalena Bay) some of the whale boat captains gave an estimate of 60 to 70 whales, but I saw no baby whales.




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Touching baby whale in Magdalena Bay nursery lagoon

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