2010 Season Summary
from Observation Post #7
Santa Barbara Channel, California, USA

Journey North thanks Michael H. Smith, Director,
Gray Whales Count

On May 23, day 105 and their final day this spring, Gray Whales Count had tallied a total of 544 northbound gray whales through the Santa Barbara Channel.

The 544 total included 33 calves. See how this year's calf count compares to those in previous years:

Calf Totals
Spring 2006-2010

2010 33

Volunteers worked 2,348 hours and 15 minutes between February and May 12.

As Director Michael H. Smith said, "Well done." Thanks to every one of them for their dedication and sharing!

Coal Oil Point, California
(34.40N, -119.69W)

Meet Michael H. Smith, Gray Whales Count project director

Meet Michael H. Smith of Gray Whales Count! See the view and join the whale watchers at this California counting point with the feature video clip "Waiting for Whales" from the Ventura County Star newspaper. It's almost as good as being there!


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