A Day in the Life of Miranda Toad:
Pg 2-Jeepers Creepers! Where'd You Get Those Peepers?

As long as Laura moved slow and steady, and didn't make a shadow over Miranda, the little toad allowed Laura to come very close. Notice the texture of her skin. Some people call all those skin bumps warts, but they're quite different from the warts people sometimes get on our skin. The bumps on a toad's underside are tinier than the ones on its back.
Notice Miranda's large, beautiful eyes. Do you think toads have better vision for things that are close up or far away? Do you think this toad's eyes had anything to do with Laura naming her Miranda?
Look at the big , flat, round ear behind Miranda's eye. Toads have excellent hearing. While Laura was taking this photo, male toads were singing. To hear what they sound like, click here. They called all day long, but Miranda didn't leave her safe home.
Toads don't have noses, but if you look carefully, you should be able to see one of Miranda's nostrils. Do you think a sense of smell might help toads to find some prey animals, like earthworms?

How did Laura know that Miranda was a female? Find out on Page 3.

A Day in the Life of Miranda Toad.
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