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Calling All Frogs! Frog Call Quiz

If you were a frog, you'd have to know the mating call of your kind. So tune your ears and learn the unique calls of these four frogs by clicking on these links and listening carefully:

All Recordings Courtesy of Lang Elliott Nature Sound Studio

Chorus Frog
(Pseudacris triseriata)
.aif version

.mp3 version

Spring Peeper
(Pseudacris crucifer)

.aif version
.mp3 version

Spotted Chorus Frog
(Pseudacris clarkii)
.aif version
.mp3 version

Pacific Chorus Frog
(Pseudacris regilla)

.aif version
.mp3 version

When you think you know the calls as well as any frog does, you're ready for the Frog Call Quiz:

If you were a Spring Peeper, which of the above calls would you listen for, Frog Call A, B, C, or D?"






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