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Survival in a Wild Habitat
Looking at Eaglets

Eagle babies have many important physical characteristics to help them stay alive. As an embryo inside the egg, the baby eagle formed a body built for survival in its wild habitat.

Look closely at this eagle chick. How does each part of the chick help to keep the eagle alive?

Remember: There's always a WHY behind WHAT you see.

Click on any picture to see a bigger one.
Look carefully at the pictures.
  • How do you think these help keep eagle chicks healthy?

(Find out what's happening .)

  • Write a sentence that describes this part of the bird.
(Find out what's happening.)


  • Do you think a baby eagle's mouth is different from an adult? Why?

(Find out what's happening.)

  • Why do you suppose baby eagles are dressed like this?

(Find out what's happening.)

click to enlarge

Review what you learned: Try This!
Click on the photo to see a big picture.

  • How much did you remember?


habitat: the place where an organism lives and the conditions of that environment including the soil, vegetation, water, and food.

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