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Teacher Tips for: Peek into a Nest with Pete "Eagleye" Nye >>


You may wish to learn more about this topic: there is a lot of information about bald eagle nests as described by biologist, Pete Nye.

Build Background: Create a class KWL chart about Bald eagle nests. Encourage students to consider where they might be found and why.

Make Predictions: Read the title and ask kids how it might be possible to take a look into an eagle's nest.


Get Meaning From Photos. Discuss:
• Study the habitat map. Kids should notice that much of eagle habitat is forested, hilly, and there are lots of lakes and bodies of water
. Not many roads visible. Much eagle habitat is located where population is low.
• Why do eagles build nests so high? What advantages are there for being so high? Are there any disadvantages?
• What kinds of challenges do these high nests offer biologists who monitor the eagle populations?

• What are predators of young birds in the nest? (Racoons can sometimes make their way up the tree.


Read more: Nesting Phenology
Read more about Bald eagles from nest building to incubation, and finally to the successful fledging of a new generation of bald eagles:Bald Eagle Nest Phenology.

Start a Journal for the questions that will appear in this booklet and the upcoming reports. Start with these “big” questions and add thoughts as the season unfolds:
1. Why would biologists want to climb high to peek into a nest?

2. How can we protect the eagles' nesting habitat and make sure eagles will be here for future generations?


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