The Capture of U25: January 25, 2006
By Peter Nye, assisted by Kathy Michell and Sarah Shute.

U25,a sub-adult (4 yrs old) female, was captured along the Delaware River on January 25, 2006.

Peter Nye explains:


" U25 was captured around noon this day, again, along with another immature who happened to be unlucky enough to be there when U25 showed up. This was actually a pretty exciting day for our team (Kathy Michell, Sarah Shute and me), as we had lots of eagle activity all morning, including a great sighting of a sub-adult golden eagle, something quite a bit rarer than bald eagles here in New York. Not only did we watch this golden eagle play around with some of the immature balds, soaring and chasing, but it later came down to our carcass and began feeding! This is quite a rare occurrence/opportunity, and as we were deciding about the capture, after feeding only 3 minutes, it took off and didn't return, making the decision easy for us. The day turned out well anyway, when U25 showed up a bit later."

Close and personal with U25. (Wearing the PTT, like a backpack on her back!)
U25 with hood, held by Sarah Shute. When working with the captured birds, the hood keeps them calm (read about it below).
U25, sub-adult female, and Kathy Michell.

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