The Capture of U21: January 15, 2006
By Peter Nye, assisted by Kathy Michell and Scott VanArsdale.

U21, an adult female, was captured along the Delaware River on January 15, 2006.

Peter Nye explains,

"We've been trapping each week, at one or two locations along the 72-mile stretch of the "main stem" we are studying. It happened mid-morning along with 3 additional immature balds; this couldn't be helped, as often, many eagles come to our deer carcass bait and try to feed simultaneously. Once we get a "target bird" on our bait, we sometimes have to fire the net when other eagles are present there also. This can be tricky though, as we need to make sure all of the eagles are centered properly so none are injured as the net deploys. These 3 extra immatures were banded and released, with our standard NYS blue leg bands and a federal USFWS aluminum leg band. Kathy Michell, Scott VanArsdale and I were on the capture team this day."
Close and personal with U21.
Standard New York State blue leg band (on P04).
U21, adult female, with Scott VanArsdale holding her and Eagleye Nye.

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