In December 2009 the this capture team set up leg snares in locations where we knew there were cranes. For long hours we sat in blinds close to the snares so we could run out to the bird, control it, and put a hood on it to calm it down as soon as possible after it was snared. We nicknamed the first crane we captured Junior because it was a juvenile. It ended up being color banded Red over Aluminum over Yellow so now we call it RAY. (See other names below the photo.)

A hood keeps the captured crane calmer. December Whooper Trapping Team - From left to right are Dave Brandt (USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center), Marty Folk (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) holding the crane, Dr. Felipe Chavez-Ramirez (The Crane Trust, and Principal Investigator on the project), Dr. Barry Hartup (International Crane Foundation veterinarian), Lea Craig-Moore (Canadian Wildlife Service). I (Jessica Rempel, Project Manager, The Crane Trust) am the one taking the photo!