If At First You Don't Succeed. . .Try, Try Again

  • We tried covering the wings with surplus parachutes but they weren’t waterproof. Then we had frosty wings and yards of wet fabric.
  • We tried removing the wings, laying them flat on the ground and covering them with tarps. But the moisture in the grass froze everything together.
  • We removed the wings and stored them inside overnight whenever possible. But it took time to carry them out and get the aircraft ready to fly. In that short time frost could form on the wings; we were back to waiting for warm air.
  • We tried de-icing with propylene glycol but it left an oily film on the wing which was almost as bad as the frost.
  • We tried rubbing and scraping and cursing. But wait. . .

Teh pilots try to prevent the wing from getting covered with frost.
Photo: Chris Gullikson, Operation Migration