What's in the pocket?

Do you see the antenna of a hand-held, two-way radio in the pocket? Heather Ray of Operation Migration explains: "The ground team carries hand-held radios. Each aircraft has a similar radio hard-wired into it so that the pilot needs only to push a button. The pilot can talk through the microphone portion of his headset. The headset also has ear pieces so a pilot can hear over the noise of the aircraft and the rushing wind.

"The ground crew attaches a small earpiece (imagine those that come with your ipod, but a single one) so we can hear what the pilot is saying. IF the pilots absolutely must ask a question, the handler will move to an area out of earshot of the birds and respond in a very quiet voice.

"Radio use is kept to an absolute minimum when the birds are near," added Heather. Why do you think this is an important rule?

The pocket holds a 2-way radio.
Photo Tara Urette Hood






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