Coyote: How does a whooping crane handle it?
By Tom Stehn, USFWS Wildlife Biologist
Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

I have on several occasions at Aransas and in migration seen coyotes near Whooping cranes. The Whooping cranes show alert behavior when they see a coyote and will act alarmed. The Whooping cranes normally just keep an eye on the coyote, and the coyote just goes on his way.

I don't think the presence of a coyote is an issue for healthy Whooping cranes. This winter our Lobstick family goup had two juveniles. Once the two juveniles were observed walking quickly towards a coyote. Then they started to chase it. The parents quickly got involved and moved closer to their juveniles. I could just see the adults saying "What trouble are our youngsters getting into this time?" I think the coyote left without further commotion.